Wholesale Price of the Best Lebanese Apple

Lebanese apples are the main export of the best-selling fruits in the country, whose mass production is very much on the agenda, and this product can be easily procured with wholesale price through the relevant markets all year round. In the major Lebanese apple supply company, you can buy the first-class type of this product at very reasonable prices and in packages.

Wholesale Price of the Best Lebanese Apple

Do’s and Don’ts of Lebanese Apple

Do's and Don'ts of Lebanese Apple Lebanese apple tips: Lebanese red apple is native to the United States and there are currently more than 2,500 species of apple trees, of which the Lebanese red apple is the most famous and popular, which may be due to its unique aroma and long shelf life.

Full sunny climatic conditions for the apple tree Lebanese red is ideal, meaning it needs at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. It needs 700 to 800 hours of cooling. It matures and bears fruit in standard sizes from 6 to 10 years old, and in short semi-basic varieties at 4 to 6 years old, and in short-stemmed varieties at 3 to 4 years old. It tends to be annual. Jonathan is a Lebanese yellow and red apple tree that can be pollinated, and if it is fertilized with trees other than its own family, it can be harvested earlier, which is economically beneficial to sellers and producers in terms of economy and market supply.

For this purpose, you can use the fresh type of this product as a kind of fruit, or you can juice the apple and put its juice in the diet of the pregnant mother; In addition to providing antioxidants and other necessary substances for the body by eating apples, you should know that this product can be a great product to prevent constipation due to its significant amount of fiber, and by consuming it, it also guarantees digestive health.

What Does Lebanese Apple Taste Like?

What Does Lebanese Apple Taste Like? Lebanese apple taste: The Lebanese red apple has a light to dark red color that often has white spots on it with creamy white flesh with a slight crispness and firmness and mild aroma; In terms of taste, you should know that it is very tasty and juicy and is suitable for house fruit. As you are well aware, red apple is one of the most useful types of fruits that if a healthy and first-class type of this product is used, it can eliminate many of the body’s deficiencies in natural substances and salts, and it is important in this regard and has positive effects on health and physical function.

Apples are commonly known as a rich source of vitamins and fiber; Therefore, it affects human health and vitality and can guarantee the health of our digestive system. Also, this product is one of the best options for pregnancy, which can also meet the physical needs of the mother and prevent weakness. It affects the beauty, health and vitality of the fetus, and the fresh and mineral materials needed for the fetus are provided by consuming the surface of this product.

The Purchase of Lebanese Apple at Best Price

The Purchase of Lebanese Apple at Best Price The supply of Lebanese red apples for major markets and major and minor buyers is provided in this complex, and buyers can buy different varieties of this product in any quantity they need, with a quality guarantee and in a graded form, which can be for this purpose, various communication channels have been created so that buyers can use them and from anywhere in the country to order and buy this product in the required quantity.

The supplier of organic red apples in the market sells this type of first-class and hand-picked products, which are in the form of the best packages and are among the newest products of the year, so that they have the best quality and this product It is known as a good fruit; This makes it easier for customers to Lebanese apple purchase.


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