Golden Dorsett apple tree for sale

Golden Dorsett apple tree are for sale, and we are going to review them.In this article, we are going to dive deeper into the Golden Dorsett apple’s harvest time, chill hours, seeds, taste, and pollination.

It is a cultivar of domesticated apple that is similar to ‘Golden Delicious’ and is descended from it. One of its distinguishing characteristics is its ability to thrive in warmer climates due to its shorter blooming period (less than 300 hours) and earlier harvest.

Both of these apple cultivars are compatible with one another and make excellent out-cross pollination partners due to their early flowering and ability to thrive in warm climates. The Anna apple cultivar was developed in Israel.

Because, like the vast majority of apple cultivars, they are not capable of fertilizing themselves, they require the pollen of a different apple cultivar in order to produce fruit. Therefore, it is highly likely that any farmer who cultivates either of those two varieties will also need to cultivate the other variety concurrently with the first.

“Dorsett” Mrs. Dorsett, a native of Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas, who was the property’s original developer and made the discovery in the 1950s, is honored with the naming of Golden. The term “golden” refers to the color of the object, which is a golden yellow.

However, even on larger surfaces, it can occasionally have a pink flush, which serves to further accentuate its allure and beauty. It is most commonly consumed in its fresh form due to its excellent texture and deliciously sweet flavor.

It is harvested early in the season, and just like other cultivars that are harvested early in the season, it does not stay fresh for very long. The tree has a moderate amount of vigor and bears spurs very early on.

Golden Dorsett apple harvest

The harvest time of the Golden Dorsett trees is fixed and needs to be absolutely on time.The overall flavor of the plant can be influenced by both the conditions in which it was grown and the time it was picked.

It is recommended that this fruit tree receives a significant amount of sun exposure; however, many growers have found that the flavor of this variety of apple is improved when grown in locations that receive some shade. This goes against the conventional wisdom regarding climate recommendations for the fall and winter months.

The Dorsett apple tree thrives in warm, dry climates like those found in the Mediterranean. These fruit trees do particularly well in the mild climates of Southern California, Florida, and the Bahamas, which is where the industry first got its start.

It is possible to cultivate an apple tree of the Dorsett variety in warmer regions of the United States; however, if winters are particularly harsh, the tree’s flowering and fruiting cycles may be delayed, turning it into a later season variety.

Despite the tree’s natural resistance to weather, disease, and pests, many home gardeners find that fertilizer applied to the root ball once a year yields even better results.

Golden Dorsett apple harvest

This practice has been shown to produce even more favorable outcomes. Within the first year after planting, the fruit will begin to appear, and by the middle of June or the beginning of July, these apples will be fully mature and ready to be picked.

With a low chill time ranging from 100 to 200 hours, home growers are able to cultivate them in their gardens as a crop that requires comparatively little upkeep in comparison to other varieties.

It is essential to keep an eye on these trees from the middle of June until the end of the month in order to harvest the fruit at the perfect moment. When these trees are planted in slightly acidic and fertile soil during the winter months of December through February, they experience the greatest level of success.

Golden Dorsett apple chill hours

Golden Dorsett apple is one of the apples that need dedicated chill hours and water on time.

How big do Dorsett apple trees get?

It is possible for Dorsett apple trees to reach a mature height of anywhere between 5 and 20 feet, but this will vary depending on the growing conditions and the type of root trees that are chosen.

In order for the rootstocks of the trees to receive the necessary amount of support, the soil must have adequate drainage, and the trees must be placed in an area that receives the maximum amount of sunlight. Only then will the necessary amount of support be provided.

The Dorsett Golden apple can be successfully cultivated from zone 5 all the way up to zone 9 due to the fact that it only requires a moderate amount of chilling. This is because the apple only needs light chilling to preserve its quality.

When considering the significance of the planting, the amount of sun exposure is even more significant than the location of the planting itself. Growing areas can benefit from some shade, which will ultimately have a positive effect on the flavor. Growing areas can also reap the benefits of the sun. Trees that are positioned in an advantageous manner can provide shade.

Golden Dorsett apple chill hours

Ordering apple trees and soil online gives you the flexibility to choose between trees that are shorter or taller, depending on the amount of space you have available for fruit and vegetable plants in your home garden.

This allows you to grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetable plants, including apple trees. Since so many varieties of apple trees and soil can be purchased online, this is now possible.

Dorsett golden apple seeds


Compared to other Dorsett apples, Golden Dorsetts are larger and have a golden green hue. The areas of the apple that have grown with their backs to the sun have a blush that is striped with red and pink. Around the stem and the calyx, the Bahamian apple may have russeting, which refers to darker, more abrasive patches of skin. The inner flesh, which is a creamy yellow color and has a crisp texture, has a sweet flavor with lingering notes of acidity.


Apples of the Golden Dorsett variety are harvested in the early summer in regions with warmer summers and in the middle of fall in regions with cooler summers.

The Present Situation

Golden Dorsett apples, also known as Dorsett Golden apples, are one of the very few apple varieties that are considered to be available “very” early in the season. Because of this, Golden Dorsett apples are quite distinctive.

To the point that, depending on the conditions in which they are grown, they can either be apples that are harvested early or apples that are harvested late in the season. These apples do not require a particularly extended period of cold weather in order to be healthy and productive; therefore, they do well in tropical climates.

Dorsett golden apple seeds

Applications Golden Dorsett apples can be eaten fresh or used in a variety of cooking and baking applications. They are particularly well-suited for pies. Desserts like tarts and pies benefit from having sweeter apples added to them. Golden Dorsett apples can be sliced and combined with blue cheese to make a delicious stuffing for pork loin.

Golden Dorsett apples, when grown during the summer, have a short shelf life (1-3 days), but if they are grown in cooler climates, they can be refrigerated for several months, just like the majority of winter apples.

Apples from the Dorsett Golden variety work well when canned or preserved in other ways. Cooked apple slices can be processed in a water bath or pressure canner after being pureed. Cooking takes place over medium heat.

You can now order the seeds of the Golden Dorsett apple on our website.

dwarf golden Dorsett apple tree

The dward Golden Dorsett apple tree is a good option for planting it in your own orchard, and you can find them by searching online or asking for them from our assistants.

How many years does it take for a golden apple tree to reach its full height?

After planting this bare root tree, you should have a bountiful apple crop within one to two years, which you can use to make some extremely mouthwatering and wholesome dishes.

If you live in zone 9 or an area with similar growing conditions, you can expect to find trees that are hardy and highly resistant. These trees will provide you with early-season fruits that have a texture and flavor that are comparable to those of fall harvests.

What are the benefits of eating a golden apple?

An enjoyable hobby for home gardeners in the United States is cultivating their very own Dorsett Golden apple tree. This particular apple variety produces a scrumptious and nutritious fruit that does well in well-drained soil and climates ranging from mild to tropical.

dwarf golden Dorsett apple tree

It has an impressive chilling requirement of one hundred hours, making it an excellent option for first-time indoor gardeners who want to produce fantastic fruit despite being exposed to nearly full sun.

After the tree fruit has reached maturity and is ready to be picked, you have the option of immediately beginning to enjoy it by crunching on it or putting it in the refrigerator so that you can use it in your own cooking or baking at home. As a deliciously fruity dessert option, you might want to try your hand at making an apple spread or an old-fashioned pie.

To get golden apples, do you need two different kinds of apple trees?

Yes, a different variety of apple trees is needed in zones 5 through 9 in order to ensure proper pollination of the Dorsett. In many of the reviews that customers have left, the crab apple and Anna apple tree varieties are mentioned as being good pollination partners for Dorsett. Some people who grow their own cannabis at home place orders for multiple strains at the same time so that they can compare the results of growing each one next to each other.

Dorsett apple taste

Let’s take a closer look at the Dorsett apple taste and aroma.

Gustatory profiling

They’re the sweetest apples available in the United States, and they’re a standout among them. These apples are juicy, sweet, and crunchy all at once, with a pleasant light aroma. Fruit that is grown in nutrient-rich and healthy soil has a perfect balance of firmness and creaminess, making it an ideal refreshing and nutritious snack.

The overall flavor of the plant can be influenced by both the conditions in which it was grown and the time it was picked. As a general rule, a lot of sunlight is required for this apple tree to thrive, but many growers have found that the flavor is better when grown in areas with some shade. This goes against the grain of accepted wisdom when it comes to the best times to go skiing in the fall and winter.

Dorsett apple taste

Instructions for Using Dorsett Golden Apples.

Golden apples like Dorsett have a fruity flavor that goes well with fan-favorite homestyle recipes. You can put a lot of food on the table with these apples. Apple pie or fruit salad will please both your family and friends if you use Dorsett Golden apples in the proper proportions, depending on the size of the fruit.

For cooking or baking, the Anna and Dorsett apples are a perfect match. When combined, the sour and sweet flavors in these two low-chill varieties can produce bread, pastries, and muffins that will have you salivating. It’s also a good idea to store them for later use in the form of a butter spread or apple cider.

The Dorsett Golden apple does not store as well in the United States compared to other varieties. You should therefore store them in the refrigerator and consume them as soon as possible rather than waiting.

Golden Dorsett apple tree pollination

The pollination of the Golden Dorsett apple tree is much like the others but very essential.In zones, 5 through 9, different varieties of apple trees are needed to pollinate Dorsett apples.

Numerous customer reviews mention the crab apple and Anna apple tree varieties as effective Dorsett pollination partners. For the best yield, some home growers order multiple varieties at once so they can grow them side by side.

Guidelines for Ensured Planting Success

If this is your first time growing food at home or you’re trying new apple varieties, it’s crucial to set up your garden area so the Dorsett will thrive, taking into account its growth rate and chill time.

Golden Dorsett apple tree pollination

The Ideal Location

To prevent the trees from being flooded by heavy rains and standing water, start by looking for a location where the soil drains properly. Consider sunlight as well, and choose a location where the sun shines directly for at least six hours each day.

Plotting Period

When it’s time to plant the tree, make the hole twice as wide and as deep as the root ball. Trees should be positioned before the soil is filled and patted down to remove air pockets. Make sure the mulch is placed around the tree, avoiding the base of the trunk. This keeps the moisture in and aids in the roots’ settling.

Pruning and watering

Maintaining the tree and any nearby plants properly encourages growth and results in an abundance of produce for mouthwatering home dishes. A weekly watering schedule is crucial, particularly if your area is experiencing a heatwave or even a drought.

Simply determine if the soil is dry at the two to three-inch mark if you’re unsure whether more water is required. If so, you should drink some more water.

Pruning and watering

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