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The best of the fresh cherries are red. This fruit because of their specific features and special climate for growing has a little expensive price, in some seasons are available in retailers shop in different packaging. Due to the fact that cherries are only available on the market for a certain period and cannot be stored in cold stores for a long time, the market for their sales is on the rise. Warning: Cherry price can have a big impact on annual cherry sales. If the price of cherries rises rapidly, many people will stop buying cherries. Nowadays, cherries are sold both online and in person, with the online method saving you a lot of time and money, selling cherries with only one seed benefits the buyer in management and direct delivery to orchards. Benefit from a strong supply chain to join the major cherry exports. At the time of harvesting cherries, there is generally a problem with the price of this delicious stone fruit, and when fresh cherries enter the market, the price for it rises, and gradually, with the normalization of penetration. market in different cities, the price per kg and per ton will increase. Cherry sales will drop from the best variety to the worst quality. conducted experiments to assess the effect of packaging, temperature, and cherry variety on the shelf life and quality of fresh cherries with and without petioles. Three different packaging systems were compared: (1) a sealed rigid tray with a non-micro-perforated lid, both made of PLA; (2) a hard shell with a micro-perforated cover, both made of PLA; and (3) existing commercial packages (pouches) of cherries. fresh red cherry fruit packaging

fresh red cherry fruit packaging

packaging boxes are made in different sizes regarding the fruit. The packing box for the red type of fresh cherry should be of a certain size and not be too big. The fruit should be kept in the carton in such a way that it is not pressed or crushed. Cherry packaging boxes have different capacities, you can order boxes of 2.5 kg, etc. Depending on consumption, you can order any size you want, but cherry packaging boxes are usually standard dimensions and should not be too large. Cans with or without lids are used for cherries. The contents of the box are very important for export and as mentioned, the humidity in the export refrigerator will loosen the box, so a combination of sheets is used in these boxes to preserve shelf life. Cardboard durability is very important, especially for export. The use of this type of cardboard has many advantages for cherry growers and sellers and is one of the most important elements of this industry. Below we will discuss the benefits of using these boxes on a case-by-case basis.

  • maintaining the apparent health of the fruit
  • Cold and moisture resistance of refrigerated containers.
  • Suitable and specific design and color for the product and company.
  • customer attraction
  • achieving customer satisfaction
  • lightness of cardboard

The sheet of cardboard for packing cherries can be white or brown. White bow is more welcomed as it looks good. Flexo printing is also used to print logos and names on cardboard using 1 to 3 colors. Flexographic printing is a technology that uses a flexible printing plate. Earlier these printing plates were made of rubber, but today flexible photopolymer printing plates are used. Printing plates are wound on cylinders on a rotary printing machine. Inkjet printing plates have a raised image and rotate at high speed to transfer the ink to the substrate through tiny holes in the anilox roller. fresh red cherry fruit retailers

fresh red cherry fruit retailers

As mentioned above, there are different varieties of cherries, sour cherries, and sweet cherries, each with its own market with different criteria such as non-perishable and nutrients, color, size, cultivation area, production cost, etc Due to these factors directly affecting the price of cherries in the current market, cherries are sold at different prices in the current market. Packaging is another factor that has a direct impact on the price of cherries in today’s market, most cherries are sold in bulk on the market, but some are also available in various plastic packaging and cartons, hence the price in the current market. Packaged cherries are an analog of the mass type. Some of the cherries produced in the country are used for fresh consumption, while the other part is used for the production of dried fruits, juices, compotes, etc. Thus, the current price of cherries may be one of the factors affecting prices. all these products. The price of cherries today depends on various factors mentioned above, but it should be remembered that the involvement of intermediaries and the development of the price of cherries in today’s market, as a rule, intermediaries buy this product at a lower price than the farmer and then sell it. major buyers at a higher price; This problem causes great losses to the main buyer and the farmer. How much does a kilogram of cherries cost, this question is often asked by all those who are looking for wholesale or retail cherries. When answering the question of how many kg of cherries, it should be mentioned that there are different varieties and colors of cherries, each of which is sold in bulk and packaged in the domestic and foreign markets, so it is worth saying right away. it is impossible how many kilograms the cherries represent. fresh red cherry fruit

fresh red cherry fruit

generally, there are two kinds of fresh cherry red and yellow, this fruit finds rarely but in the special climate you can find it. Not all cherries are red. As already mentioned, there are cherries that are yellow. In fact, there are many different varieties of yellow cherries. Please note that the word “yellow” refers to the flesh of the cherry rather than the skin. Most cherries classified as yellow have predominantly red skin and usually yellow, white, or cream flesh. Those who are gardeners and whose fruit is a yellow cherry, in order to get good and quality fruit, must be careful because, in addition to the right soil, you also need to prune the cherry tree, which is very suitable for its growth and fruiting. If you remove and prune the extra branches of the cherry tree, your tree will grow well and produce generous fruit. Yellow cherries enjoy good popularity among both gardeners and consumers, mainly due to the yellow color of this fruit, as well as its sweet taste. It is interesting to know that this fruit has the most beautiful flowers in the world when it is not yet ripe and does not bloom. fresh red cherry fruit The sight of clusters of red cherries encourages everyone to eat this juicy, sweet fruit; Not only is it delicious, but it also has many benefits for your body. In other words, the health benefits of cherries have made them one of the healthiest foods for humans! Cherries are low-calorie snack that is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. It is also rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds and is helpful in preventing and treating arthritis. Plus, it’s one of the few fruits that contain melatonin, which helps with insomnia. This is the reason why it is also considered a useful medicinal source In general, the properties of cherry fruit in the main areas of health (general health of the body, weight and metabolic regulation, nervous health) are as follows:

  • general body health
  • Rich source of health compounds

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