Direct Supply of Green Kiwi Fruit

Green kiwi fruit is supplied without intermediaries in certain centers. Farmers, gardeners and distributors are among the direct suppliers of kiwi fruit. But today, kiwi is also offered directly and without intermediaries in reputable wholesale fruit sales sites. The reason for the high production and supply of kiwi fruit is its excellent taste and rich properties.

Direct Supply of Green Kiwi Fruit

Where Is Green Kiwi Fruit Originated ?

Where Is Green Kiwi Fruit Originated ? Green kiwi fruit origin is native to China, its origin is in the southern regions of China, and in fact it can be considered the national fruit of China. Green Kiwi Differences trees were first discovered by a simple farmer in southern China and then the country began to propagate and trade the crop. Green kiwi currently, according to FAO, most exporters of this product to other countries are: New Zealand, Italy, France, Chile and Greece. Of course, according to the statistics of 2007, with an annual export of 20 tons, Iran is ranked seventh in the list of exporters.

Where does the name Kiwi come from? New Zealand imported the product from China in the 1900s and then began to reproduce it. In 1950, the country officially began exporting to Europe. But at the time, the issue that occupied the minds of exporters was the name of this fruit, which the Chinese called Chinese Gooseberry or Chinese goose, and it was feared that this name would prevent good promotion of this product in other countries.

What Is the Differences between Green Kiwi and Gold One?

What Is the Differences between Green Kiwi and Gold One? Kiwi is a fruit with many properties and uses and its nature is known as cold and wet. But it is interesting to know; The more the taste of kiwi fruit goes to sweetness, the warmer the nature of kiwi, and in fact, the sweetness of kiwi fruit is directly related to the warmth of kiwi nature.

Golden kiwi has a milder and sweeter taste than green kiwi due to its high fructose content. Golden kiwi is six times sweeter than white sugar and because it is a natural sugar, it has very little effect on blood sugar and can be consumed safely. The texture of green kiwi is slightly rougher than that of yellow kiwi, and it tastes like a mixture of sweet and sour, with less fructose than golden kiwi.

In appearance, there is a relatively significant difference between green and golden kiwi. Green kiwi has a fluffy skin and is oval in shape. In contrast to golden kiwi, its skin is smooth and hairless and its skin color is golden brown. Halving this fruit will introduce us to more differences. Green Kiwi As expected, it has green flesh with black seeds. Golden kiwi flesh is bright yellow with smaller and fewer grains.

The Green Kiwi Fruit for Sale

The Green Kiwi Fruit for Sale Excellent dried fruits are sold at reasonable prices in all cities of the country. The price of organic kiwi depends on many factors, size, type, taste, quality, brand. are the most important factors influencing the price of these products. Iran is one of the best and largest producers of organic dried fruits that export these products to other countries at great prices. This type of product has become one of the main export samples of the country today. Which are exported to other countries through various methods.

Many sellers offer kiwi in bulk by paying the purchase price from the farmer. In kiwi shopping center, the best sellers who work in this field can be found with great care. Many producers in the country are engaged in the distribution and production of kiwi, which has made direct distribution common, and through online organic kiwi differences shopping centers, you can buy and register orders and easily buy the desired product. Nowadays, suppliers have offered a way to make things easier for buyers, which can be used to easily take care of other daily chores.

In general, the price of kiwifruit should be obtained from reputable sources. Certainly the price of this brown-skinned fruit is more appropriate in the fruit and leek fields. Of course, today there are easier ways to buy and sell.

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