Direct Sale of Apple Fruit

Apple is a fruit that has been produced in Iran for decades for commercial purposes and is widely exported to different countries of the world. Apple fruit is one of the fruits whose investment in production and supply is economically justified. In this way, it can be exported to different companies in the world and through this, there is a significant exchange rate for the country.

Direct Sale of Apple Fruit

Where Did Apples Originally Come From?

Where Did Apples Originally Come From? The apple tree is a deciduous tree of the Golsorkhian family, known for its sweet and fleshy fruit. This tree is cultivated all over the world for its fruit and is the most widely grown species of the Malus genus. The origin of the apple fruit origin Central Asia; Where it is still found today is its wild species, Malus siversi. Apples were brought to North America by European immigrants after thousands of years of cultivation in Asia and Europe.

Apple trees from seed sowing are large, but trees from root grafts are small. There are more than 7,500 known apple cultivars, resulting in a wide range of desirable characteristics. Different cultivars are grown for different tastes and uses, including cooking, raw consumption. Apple trees are usually propagated by grafting, although wild apples grow easily from seed. Apple trees and fruits are susceptible to a number of fungal and bacterial pests that can be controlled by organic and inorganic methods.

Of course, apples can not replace toothbrushes, but they help a lot in oral health. Biting and chewing this fruit is very good for the health of the gums. In addition, apples increase saliva secretion, thus preventing the growth of microbes in the mouth. This also reduces the possibility of tooth decay.

What Is the Most Expensive Apple Fruit?

What Is the Most Expensive Apple Fruit? Expensive apple and the best apple variety is from Golsorkhian genus. This plant grows from the fruit trees of temperate cold regions, and can withstand temperatures of 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. In areas where apple growing is common, especially in the last two months of fruit ripening, cool nights are suitable for this fruit, otherwise the taste in apple fruit is not obtained and the fruit becomes dull in color and loose texture.

Apple is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world, whose properties determine the nutritional value of this fruit. The best apple seedlings; With a variety of more than 6,000 different species, it is planted and harvested in different countries. The interesting thing about this fruit is its importance between different Christian and Muslim religions.

The best varieties of apple seedlings are produced in red, yellow and green colors in sweet and sour flavors. In our country, Iran, the cultivation of the best apple tree is mostly done in the cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Fars, Khorasan, Hamedan, East and West Azerbaijan. Planting the best apples; In the country, it depends on soil quality, proper drainage, climatic conditions, seedling care, irrigation rate. One of the popular apple cultivars in Iran is rose apple. One of the best apple seedlings; In Iran, apple seedlings can be called rose. With the onset of summer, gardeners count the days to gather the fruit of the rose apple tree.

The Wholesale Price Of Apple Fruit

The Wholesale Price Of  Apple Fruit Apple is a fruit that is compatible with different regions and climates and the best conditions can be provided for it. In this product, it is very important to consider quality and production based on quality. That is why both gardeners and apple suppliers in the market pay close attention to these issues. Announcing the apple Fruit Price based on quality and quality allows buyers to choose better products and of course participate in the price. That is why most of the sales centers distribute different types of apples at different rates in different markets of Iran and meet the needs of their customers as they should and maybe.

Changes and fluctuations in the price of apples always force companies to announce the current price of these products in the market. Because buyers demand this feature and announce their orders based on it.


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