Direct Dispense of Ripe Kiwi

Kiwi is a delicious fruit that has a fluffy brown skin and its flesh is green with a fine black core that has many properties. Ripe kiwi is very tasty and juicy. Our collections and factories supply ripe kiwi directly to the market and people. Direct supply allows the seller and the buyer to have a direct relationship with each other and the buyer can obtain comprehensive and complete information about the product he intends to buy, and according to the knowledge he has acquired, he can finally make a safe purchase.

Direct Dispense of Ripe Kiwi

How Do You Tell If a Kiwi Is Ripe?

How Do You Tell If a Kiwi Is Ripe? Ways to ripe kiwi identification:

Assess the fruit level:

  1. Look for kiwis with brown skin: Ripe kiwi has brown skin and hair. If the fruit is green or can be seen from behind the green skin of the fruit, it is not yet fully ripe.
  2. Look for a plum shaped kiwi. A ripe kiwi is plum or onion-shaped and round. If the kiwi skin is wrinkled and not smooth, it is probably overripe and damaged.
  3. Smell the kiwi. Bring your nose close to the part of the kiwi from where it is connected to the branch and smell it, you should smell sweet and fruity. Unripe kiwi does not smell.
  4. Look for kiwi with skin without lines, scratches and damage. When looking for a kiwi, pick one that is not damaged. Kiwis with wrinkled, sore or blemished skin are not good kiwi.

Touch and try kiwi:

  1. Gently press the kiwi: Press the kiwi with your thumb. Look for soft kiwi but with a hard and cohesive structure. If the kiwi does not look hard, it has not ripened, if it was too soft, it has not ripened too much.
  2. Check the inside of the fruit. If, despite all this, you still doubt whether the kiwi has ripened, skip it. The seeds of a ripe kiwi are all black and the flesh of the fruit is shiny green.
  3. Test the taste. The surest way to find out if a kiwi is ripe is to taste it.

Should You Refrigerate Kiwi?

Should You Refrigerate Kiwi? If you plan to store kiwis for longer, you should refrigerate them. Ripe kiwis stay refrigerated for weeks; But if you want to store kiwis for a much longer time, you should put them in the freezer. Never put this fruit next to apples, pears and potatoes, because these fruits emit a gas that causes the fruit to ripen too much. for Ripe Kiwi Protection, wrap them in paper bags and refrigerate.

Do you know the properties of kiwi: The properties of kiwi are truly unique, kiwi is a small and soft fruit, but do not let its size deceive you. This delicious tropical fruit is rich in nutrients. As: Amount per 100 grams Energy, 60 kcal, Total fat 0.5 g Saturated fat 0 g Cholesterol 0 mg Sodium 3 mg Potassium 312 mg Total carbohydrates 15 g Dietary fiber 3 g Sugar 9 g Protein 1.1 g Vitamin C 92.7 mg Calcium 34 mg Iron 0.3 mg Vitamin D0 IU 1 mg Vitamin B6 mg.

The Main Suppliers of Ripe Kiwi

The Main Suppliers of Ripe Kiwi It can be said that the ripe kiwi suppliers who work in our factories are the main suppliers of this product. Because they collect the best ripe kiwi from farmers and offer it to the market and people with high quality. The products available in our stores, in addition to high quality, are also very reasonably priced and affordable, and you can buy the best kiwi at the best price from our suppliers.

To buy high quality ripe kiwi, you can visit our sales centers in person and observe your desired product closely and check the quality of the product from different angles. And after ensuring the quality of the product, buy it. Or you can, online, ie through the site or by phone, contact our experts, so that they can give you the necessary guidance and advice, and finally you can experience easy shopping.

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