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Apples have been around as far as humans remember. Yet most people still don’t know the full potential of this incredible fruit.

Kids or adults should know that eating green apples at night or in the morning with an empty stomach can give you most of the vitamins you’ll need for the day.

This article will give you the top 5 uses of apple fruits in medical terms and purposes.

Benefits of apple for skin

  • Skin Hydrator

People don’t remember to take care of their skin most of the time. Skin is a breathing part of our body. It needs oxygen and needs to be hydrated as much as possible. Apple fruits are essential for skin hydration, and when your face is hydrated enough, it can purify and release more sweat, reducing acne and bruises on the surface.


  • It protects you from UV rays.

As proven in the experiments and research, UV rays can harm your skin and cause premature aging to your skin and other damages such as Solar elastosis, leathery skin, actinic keratosis, liver spots, and wrinkles.

It can cause your body’s immune system to grow weaker, and, in some cases, intense UV radiations cause cancer.

The nutrients in apples help provide a good amount of protection from the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.

You can make a DIY homemade cream only with these simple steps: Grate an apple to make it pulp.

Add one spoon of glycerin (available at the chemist) and mix them.

Apply this mixture to your skin and face and leave it for a least 15 minutes. Wash it off with some cold water, and now you got your skin protected from most of the UV radiation with a natural solution.

Benefits of apple for skin

  •  Treats Dark Spots, Acne, and blemishes

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, apple fruits are very beneficial for face acnes with some simple steps. You can make your own natural acne remover medicine.

Mash a slice of apple and mix it with milk cream (malai). You can use a spoon of milk instead of milk cream.

Apply it to your face and be relieved from the acne on your face.

You can refrigerate the apple and slice it cooled before mashing it for better results. Use this method regularly, and your face will be free from all of those pimples and dark spots that show up on your face.

Eating apples in the morning empty stomach

  • Some research results show that eating apples early before breakfast can strengthen your body’s immune system.

You’ll boost your energy because of the rich vitamin C and proteins. Also, the fiber present in the apples controls your body’s blood pressure and prevents the early stages of heart conditions.

  • But according to Ayurveda who claim consuming apples before breakfast might not be a great idea.

The organic acid can increase the stomach acid above the normal level and might cause some unpleasant moments.

Eating apples in the morning empty stomach

It is also not recommended for everybody because apples are pro digestive fruits and can have a load on your intestinal functions. In other words, consuming apples at night will produce gas and cause severely uncomfortable moments during sleep time.

So when is the best time to consume apples? The best time for eating an apple is in the morning, half an hour after breakfast, to absorb this fruit’s full potential and energy.

Benefits of eating apples at night

As mentioned in the last paragraph eating apples at night might have some disadvantages, but now let’s talk about its benefits.

Apples contain a good amount of potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

Vitamin B6 and potassium are incredible for helping you sleep easily. Vitamin C helps your sleep be more relaxed because it manages and controls your blood sugar by lowering it and improving your breathing during sleep time.

Benefits of eating apples at night

Eating apples at night is an easy way to adjust your sleep and have a more relaxed sleep.

There is no technical proof that offering to eat apples at night could be wrong, but it has advantages and disadvantages.

It depends on the consumer’s body; some people will react to its gas and feel uncomfortable, while others won’t feel anything bothering them.

Apple vitamins and their benefits

  • Vitamin C present in the apple fruits makes them a delicious edible for receiving resistance to both infectious agents and damage by free radicals.
  • B-complex vitamins are also one of the other benefits of this natural booster. This includes riboflavin, vitamin B-6, and thiamin, which are very important in maintaining red blood cells and keeping the nervous system healthy and strong.
  • Apples also include vitamin K too. Vitamin K helps to produce proteins, which increases your bone strength.
  • Vitamin E is also found in apples found in lower amounts of apples compared to the other vitamins. However, this vitamin provides healthier skin and boosts your immune system.
  • Dietary fibers are one of the main components of apples which is actually a type of carbohydrate.

Apple vitamins and their benefits

Benefits of apple for kids


  • Rich carbohydrates

Absorbing enough carbohydrates will give your child all the energy she/he would need throughout the day.

Since their body needs some extra dosage of energy every day, they shall need to consume more vitamins and carbohydrates.


  • Contains many vitamins

Apples contain most of the crucial vitamins and minerals the human body needs. Vitamins like: Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B1, along with iron, phosphorous, and calcium, are all great for developing skin, bones, muscle tissue, and vital organs in children.

These vitamins are essential for your children to make them grow more healthy and more vital.

Benefits of apple for kids

  • Helps with brainpower

Apples have a plant flavonoid called Quercetin, which helps your brain cells be healthy and promotes better cognition. It can also improve your child’s memory.

Putting enough apples in your child’s diet will prevent some of the diseases in children when they get older. Diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s are conditions that could be prevented with enough Quercetin in the diet.


Apples are one of the essentials in our lives: Diet, a great vitamin and mineral resource for our children to grow stronger.


The low calorie and high fibers present in apples are a very well-served snack after breakfast. While most people struggle with enough skin hydration, apples help a lot with their easy use and the making of recipes.

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