Maragheh Apple Price List in November 2023

Maragheh Apple Price List in November 2023

Maragheh apple is one of those fruits that can be found almost all year round

There is always a high demand for buying and selling fresh yellow and red apples

what is the Maragheh Apple?

Maragheh apples are renowned for their thick, beautiful, deep red peel and excellent nutritional value

It has been demonstrated that apple-specific compounds have a major impact on human health and illness prevention

According to research, Maragheh apples contain more of these compounds than other apple cultivars

These trees provide about 1
5 million tons, or 37%, of Iran’s annual total apple fruit supply

Also include a significant amount of nutritious ingredients in their skin, thus eating them whole is advised

They rank among the most popular types planted across the globe

 Maragheh Apple Price List in November 2023

What Are the Different Kinds of Maragheh Apple?

The exceptional properties of the Maragheh apple can be attributed to the presence of several crucial components

Below, we’ll detail a few of the ways in which this fruit shines; for example, red apples have been shown to have anti-cancer effects

The antioxidant effects of this fruit are powerful, helping to boost the immune system

Apples with skin have more nutrients than apples without

This results in an increased intake of antioxidants

Cancers of the esophagus, prostate, breast, and intestines are all avoided by eating red apples

increases and so forth

 Maragheh Apple Price List in November 2023

Features of Maragheh Apple

The main reason why the Maragheh apple is different from apples from other regions is that this city is a cold and mountainous region located in East Azerbaijan and that makes it one of the main centers suitable for cultivating apples

Plus, distributors can buy it directly from the gardener with no need for a dealer or broker

So, it’s available at a more reasonable price

The fact that most of the apples produced and harvested from this city can be kept in cold storage gives it longer shelf life

It is interesting to know that every year about 1 million and a half tons of premium apples produced in Iran are exported to foreign countries

Maragheh has more than 13,000 hectares of apple orchards and the average production of this product in the orchards of this city is 27 tons per hectare

Maragheh apple cultivars are of Red and Golden type for export

70% of the apple produced in this city are exported to the countries of the Persian Gulf

 Maragheh Apple Price List in November 2023

Price of Maragheh Apple

The price of an apple per kilo in Maragheh can vary depending on the size, color concentration, sorting, the target market, and the time of the year that it’s picked

The price of Iranian apples is 0

55$ which makes it a reasonable price for wholesalers and distributors and this fact has drawn so many importers’ attention to buy from Iran

Of course, those who work as apple exporters in Iran must have the necessary standards to work with traders in European countries for example, in order to export agricultural products to any of the EU countries, they must have a Global Chat Certificate in order to enter European markets

Therefore, the price of Maragheh apples exported to these countries in regular cartons and sort packaging can be higher due to the price for sorting these apples being higher and it includes side costs as well

However, with all the costs added the price of Maragheh apple is still ideal and has led to its successful presence in export markets

 Maragheh Apple Price List in November 2023

Important Points to Know about Buying Maragheh Apple

Apples are delicious and healthy
We’ll help you choose the right apples

There are 7500 apple varieties worldwide

Once the apples are at the market, we must choose the best

By following these tips, you can pick healthy, fresh apples

When shopping for fruits, remember these tips

Apples with stems will last longer since bacteria can’t enter as easily

The stalk slows the apples’ withering so they stay fresh
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