apple fruit market | Bulk purchase price and retail

apple fruit market | Bulk purchase price and retail

In Each market, you can find countries which are top and potential ones

Apple fruit market is a good one to have a survey in

This fruit in some countries has a huge percentage of use and export, and it makes a good chance for businessmen and women to take a part in and expand their business or even start a new one

Countries with more than one million tons of apple production are known as top fresh apple producers

Among 192 countries around the world, everyone in the fruit market knows that Russia is a favorite country for many exporters in the market

If you are thinking the quality of exporting apples is the same as the apple you buy in the fruit stores or shops, let me stop you there, they are not the same

 apple fruit market | Bulk purchase price and retail

Largest Apple Production Countries

According to the statistics, Thirteen countries have the largest apple production in the world, with more than one million tons of apples annually

The top 5 ones are China, the USA, IR Iran, Turkey, and Poland

Mentioned countries were the top ones in 2012, let’s see if there are any changes in the new statistics

China: US$1
4 billion (19
8% of total exported apples)
Italy: $962
3 million (13
United States: $855
3 million (11
New Zealand: $590
1 million (8
Chile: $568
6 million (7

You can easily understand that just China could save the first place for itself

According to the statistics, this is clear that if a country has a good climate for growing apples and it is not doing such a thing, it has lost lots of Profit!

 apple fruit market | Bulk purchase price and retail

Standards of exporting apple

Standards for the selection of exporting apples are different from the domestic apple market use

Apple is a climacteric fruit

Although it is harvested it can be ripe later

So harvesting at a proper time is vital

Besides the fruit appearance has a lot to share! The skin must be smooth and bright, satins do not signify good quality and care, and do not underestimate the effect of juicy and hard flesh, and the nice fragrance makes the buyer confident about his purchase

Why cannot we name Russia as a heaven for Fresh apple exporters of neighborhood countries, when More than 10

5 percent of the Consumption basket of Russian households belongs to fruits and vegetables, and there is a huge demand for fruit and vegetable in the Russian market? This demand has been answered by Ukraine, Moldavia, and Middle East Countries

Russian traders are so keen and professional, that you have to take “Standards of exporting apple” completely seriously! Why does that matter? Because if there is a lack of attention in your exporting process and the quality of your product, the buyer will lose his trust in you and there is a long way if you want to take it back or build it again

You have tried days and days to build a bright reputation for yourself, so try not to lose it just in a deal

Not only you have ruined your reputation, but also you may lose that customer or on the other hand the whole market of the country

In addition, if you are the supplier you have to take care of your product and the process of exporting carefully, or if you source your customers from another supplier you have to be sure about the process and the quality

In this case, I suggest you sign a contract with an inspection company

 apple fruit market | Bulk purchase price and retail

USDA Apple Share

USDA (United States Department of Agricultural) has published the USA apple share statistics

Since 2017, the number of USA apple production has decreased year by year

The interesting point is that there is a mutual relation between decreasing the amount of production and the area of apple farming fields

When a country loses its position in the list of top exporters, that does not mean that the market is not profitable anymore, maybe the policy of the country has changed

But this market is still profitable

As you see competitors are competing and trying to level up their position on the list

Who knows? Maybe the USA comes back and gets back its position again

 apple fruit market | Bulk purchase price and retail

Global Apple Growers

There is an interesting global competition among all apple growers around the world

As much as you produce, you can sell and as much as you sell, you will make profits; This is the rule that everyone knows

Better quality leads customers to you and when the product is available, that keeps customers close to you forever

People do not like their customers to be waiting for their product, How about you?
Do you like that? No Way! That is why these days, farmers are growing their products in the most modern ways to harvest more fruits and have apples available in their warehouses

But you have to do it so carefully and under the control of a related specialist

 apple fruit market | Bulk purchase price and retail

Where Does Apple Grow Best?

Do apples need a special condition to grow? Where is the best place for apples to grow? Do you know what is the reason a country becomes one of the best apple producers or exporters? Does the country need to have the potential to farm apples? Well, the answer is yes

 The first and one of the most important things that I can name is soil when there is no fecund soil in the country not only apples but also you are not able to implant any plant! The second important thing that matters is Climate

 Climate is stable in and area and the weather changes are according to the main climate of the area of the country

 The best climate for the apple is a cold climate

 This fruit needs to be between 4 to 7 centigrade degrees at least for 1000 hours

 And the best location for this fruit is mountainous areas that are 1200 meters above sea level (AMSL)

 The quality of the apple that has grown up in this atmosphere is not comparable with others

 The quality, color, taste, fragrance, and flesh are great

 Based on the information that you have just learned, I am honored to announce that we source our customers with the best fresh apple on the market

 We do care about the quality, taste and fragrance, and appearance of our products so that our customers all around the world can enjoy having a delicious apple

 If any question is left or you are interested to know more about our product Feel Free to Contact Us

 We are 24/7 available

 apple fruit market | Bulk purchase price and retail

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